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"Maximize Scope of Practice, Reduce
Overtreatment and Lower Costs"

Dynamic decision support is vital for today’s clinicians, who need to stay current with the latest research and best practice.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our mission at Think Research is to organize the world's health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care, and our executive team is comprised of leaders and changemakers who bring that vision to life.

"Will is the Executive-in-Residence at Think Research. With over 25 years as a strategist advising top North American academic centres, governments, and innovative companies in health care, he has led more than 400 projects over the course of his career. Will is particularly interested in the impact of technological change on health systems and their governance and payment mechanisms. "

- Will Falk-

"Francis is a Physician, Clinical Informaticist and Digital Health Consultant with a laser focus on driving innovation and technology adoption in health care. Earlier years of his medical career were spent delivering care to under-resourced and war-torn countries. His broad international experience as both a clinical practitioner and digital health evangelist help him to drive culture change and enhanced care delivery."

- Dr.Francis Nwakire, MD -
@Francis C.O, MD

"As the Chief Executive Officer of Think Research, Sachin Aggarwal understands that health care systems around the world are on the brink of profound, necessary change. In the midst of a growing knowledge crisis, Sachin sees data as the solution – and the key to system transformation. This principle drives the mission of Think Research: to organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care."

- Sachin Aggarwal-

Over 1800 facilities use our digital tools

Digital decision support tools are transforming clinical knowledge

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In this rapidly evolving knowledge landscape, new tools are needed to support the clinical decision-making process, and digital tools are dramatically transforming the way that today's clinicians translate knowledge into bedside care.

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Your Hospital's Greatest Cost-Saving Opportunity

Reduce Outbound Referrals, Increase Revenue and Support Better Patient Outcomes

According to CFOs across the country, a hospital’s largest cost savings opportunity lies in clinical standardization.

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The Power of Executable Knowledge

Real-time Analytics to Measure Quality and Reduce Costs

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a fully customizable analytics tool that allows clinicians, senior leadership, administrators, medical directors and project teams to improve decision making and track progress against financial, strategic and quality improvement goals.

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The Power of Executable Knowledge

Stay current with the latest clinical research and best practice!

Who We Are?

We build healthcare technology that empowers clinicians.

Our digital tools empower clinicians around the world, and this company snapshot outlines our global footprint, the interprofessional backgrounds of our team and more.

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The Power of Executable Knowledge