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Our team is ready to get you set up for virtual visits in 24 hours or less.


Safe, virtual visits for counsellors and psychotherapists

See your clients remotely during COVID-19 with VirtualCare™

Our secure platform makes it easy for professional counsellors to facilitate virtual visits with their clients via chat messaging or audio/video calls. It’s PHIPA and PIPEDA-compliant and available to Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association members as a special benefit.

Provide high-quality care while minimizing COVID-19 risk

VirtualCare™ allows your clients to continue seeing their counsellor or psychotherapist while maintaining a safe physical distance. You can provide the same high quality care through a video appointment while reducing exposure risk and minimizing traffic to your office.

Easily transition your clients to VirtualCare and seamlessly communicate with them through a web browser or smartphone app.

Our support team is ready to get you using virtual visits without a hitch. VirtualCare is built for your workflow needs by Think Research, winner of the 2019 Canadian Health Informatics Award for Patient Care Innovation and an Ontario Telemedicine Network Vendor of Record.

Onboard your practice in 24 hours, guaranteed:

  • Secure audio/video conferencing and asynchronous chat messaging

  • Ability to share documents such as therapeutic resources for clients

  • Online help centre and phone support for immediate assistance

  • Available on your desktop or as an app on Apple and Android smartphone devices

For more information, contact us at and our team will be in touch.